1. I would not wish any companion in the world but you (summer only)


Location: Shakespeare’s Globe


I would not with any companion in the world but you. (summer only)

From The Tempest, Act 3, Scene 1

Created by Shakespeare’s Globe ahead of the Summer season, this bold quote is from The Tempest, Act 3, Scene 1. Miranda did not see many faces of people during her life on the island, as she was living there alone with her father and Caliban since she was a little girl. She swears by her virginity – “the jewel in my dower” – that she does not wish for any other companion in the world than Ferdinand.

The hoarding in front of Shakespeare’s Globe is regularly updated, but this particular quote is all the more poignant as the theatre welcomes people back following the Pandemic which had a severe impact on the theatre industry.



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