17. A horse! A horse! – Tomboy Bill (currently unavailable)


Artist: Tomboy Bill

Location: Currently unavailable


“A horse! A horse! My kingdom for a horse!”

Richard III, Act 5, Scene 4

Australian artist Dionne works under the artist name Tomboy Bill, after earning the nickname ‘Billy the Kid’ as a child.

An art journey that began as an illustrator, they spent two decades working in the commercial art/design industry, eventually taking a giant leap of faith to explore the uneasy, introspective, life of a fine artist.

Tomboy Bill’s artwork is often described as ‘raw’ ‘bold’ and ‘gritty’. A passion for repurposing waste materials and found objects flow through all current works – in both painting and digital form. The artist hoping to create unique, thought-provoking and powerful works.

“I chose this quote because animals always speak to me, and also loved the idea of creating a piece that was bursting with childlike energy. I wanted the artwork to evoke memories of THE MAGICAL! THE MYSTICAL! THE MAJESTIC! with an eerie night-time ‘merry-go-round’ twist to it, reflecting darker Shakespearean times…”



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