London’s Other Side

There’s another side to London.
An ever-changing place…
That teases our wildside and thrills our artside.
Blurs our workside into our playside.
Hidden in plain sight, this is Bankside.
London’s other side.

Throughout history, Bankside has been on the other side of London’s mainstream. 16th century ‘Banksyde’ was outside the walls of the city, making it a natural landing place for outsiders and free thinkers. It became notorious as London’s rowdy pleasure quarter full of theatres, brothels and gambling dens. Bankside inspired literary legends such as Chaucer, Shakespeare and Dickens.
Today, the area continues to be a vibrant creative and cultural neighbourhood, home to the world’s most visited art gallery, Tate Modern, one of London’s oldest food markets, Borough Market, and instantly recognisable Shakespeare’s Globe and Southwark Cathedral.
Beyond this, Bankside’s medieval networks of streets are sure to capture your curiosity. Explore #LondonsOtherSide

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