CitySpace Tower Bridge

CitySpace Tower Bridge

Just a ten minute stroll from main line London Bridge, this suburban new development is surrounded by Bermondsey’s residents which makes this a slightly quieter place to rest your head. The two buildings which incorporate CitySpace are a blend of both period and modern era. “The Pagoda” originally a historic gin distillery, now consists of 26 BEDROOMS, offering a great selection of 6 room types for guests.

CitySpace Tower Bridge

Pride Month Celebrations at Everyman Cinema

Pride Month Celebrations – Celebrate Pride 2024 in comfort and style with a week of LGBTQI+ screenings from June 24th – June 30th. We will be showing: Throwback Pride. Toddler Club: Ruby Gillman, Teenage Kraken. Late nights: Love lies bleeding.

CitySpace Tower Bridge

The Bridge Amplifies… Menstrual Health

The Bridge Amplifies is The Bridge’s new talk and music series – evenings to talk health, break taboos, and listen to some juicy up-and-coming female musicians. To kick things off, they are hosting a conversation with registered nutritionist, yoga teacher and menstrual health expert Le’Nise Brothers (host of Period Story and author of You Can Have A Better Period) exploring the four phases of menstruation and how we can harness the power of our cycles through movement and nutrition. After the talk, they will  be getting lost in the flow to the soothingly soulful sounds of Maya Law.

CitySpace Tower Bridge


Delicious, nutritious & beautiful Asian-inspired food.


itsu is dedicated to an Asian-inspired health[ier] menu which is nutritious, fast & affordable. Their restaurant dishes are protein-packed, 40% plant-based & full of fresh vegetables, vitamins & fibre.

Most are under 500 [good] calories with a generous quota of nutrients, wholegrains, greens, vegetables, fermented soy as well as healthy seaweed, miso, omega-3 toasted seeds, herbs & ginger. Enlightened folk in the East eat beautifully in pursuit of health & happiness.

CitySpace Tower Bridge


Uncommon London will soon be a part of the vibrant Bankside area.

We are bringing our local feeling & all our goodies to a fantastic location. We will be part of the most beautiful development in the area, Triptych, which sits directly behind the Tate.

Our goal is to cater for EVERYONE, from London residents to tourists, office and leisure peeps.

Bringing to the table as always: #TheBestCoffee #Coffee #Bakery & #Baked goodies #Breakfast #Lunch & #Aperitivo #Meats & #Cheeses #Pantry #Wines and much, much more.

CitySpace Tower Bridge

London Witches & History Walking Tour

Join your characterful witch guide and learn the true historical tales of suspected London witches across the ages. Witness fascinating pieces of London history along the way too; secrets of Southwark Cathedral, The Golden Hinde, The Globe Theatre, Millennium Bridge and so very much more await on this character led walking tour.

Starting by the infamous London Bridge your friendly costumed witch guide will lead you across Southwark’s Bankside cobbles, seamlessly weaving history with vibrant storytelling. In an experience that brings together true stories, history, and a wisdom that we can learn from our terrible ways of the past, you are sure to fall in love with this historic small part of the city, and be enthralled by London’s witchy chronicles.

CitySpace Tower Bridge

Conscious Creatives Happy Hour

Kick off your weekend with at Lone Design Club’s Happy Hour event From 5 PM to 8 PM. Treat yourself to a complimentary drink or two as you explore LDC’s latest curated selections.

With fresh arrivals landing in-store weekly, there’s always something exciting to discover while you sip and stroll. Whether you’re shopping for yourself or searching for the perfect gift, the Happy Hour promises a delightful experience for all. Bring your friends and make it a social affair, or relish some solo browsing time – the choice is yours!

CitySpace Tower Bridge

Golden Hinde Summer Shipyard Tours

Follow us behind the scenes in this captivating shipyard tour. Discover the fascinating world of restoration and witness the rebirth of a historic vessel before your very eyes. Whether you’re an avid maritime enthusiast or simply curious about the art of shipbuilding this tour promises an unforgettable experience. 

Please allocate 1 hour for your visit. The shipyard tour lasts 30 minutes, followed by a 30 minute tour of the ship. 

CitySpace Tower Bridge

Big Easter Hunt at Redcross Garden

Bankside Open Spaces Trust invites you to our BIG Easter HUNT!

Monday 25 March, 3.30pm-5pm, Red Cross Garden, SE1 1HA, with prizes handed out at Marlborough Sports Garden

Take part in our Easter Easter Hunt by searching for hidden clues at Red Cross Garden – once you’ve solved the Easter Bunny’s mystery, you can swap your answer sheet for a treat in Marlborough Sports Garden.

Celebrate the start of the Easter holidays with a fun, free event – see you there for an eggstremely good time! We’ll meet you in Red Cross Garden – explore the garden and find the clues before hopping over to Marlborough Sports Garden for treats and play.

CitySpace Tower Bridge

Relaxed Opening at The Golden Hinde

To mark World Autism Awareness Day on Tuesday 2nd April, The Golden Hinde is running its very first relaxed opening from 10am to 12noon.  We would like to welcome anybody who wants to explore the ship in a calm environment, including people with autism and other neurodiverse needs, as well as their siblings, family, and carers.

Admission: £6

Carers: Free

Visitors will be able to explore the ship, follow our family trail and handle some of the museum objects. There will be no pressure to take part in any of the activities.

To ensure the ship is as welcoming as possible we will also:

Each session will be 30 minutes long.  You are welcome to stay longer but more people will be arriving after the 30 mins. We re-open to the general public at 12pm and, again, you are welcome to stay longer if you wish.

Please note:

As the number of visitors will be limited, tickets must be bought in advance. To book tickets, please email

CitySpace Tower Bridge

Easter Treasure Hunt at The Golden Hinde

Calling all chocolate lovers and fortune seekers! This Easter Sunday (31 March), The Golden Hinde will be hosting a treasure hunt like no other. Adventurers – both young and old – are invited to comb the interior of our ship in the hope of finding a tasty, chocolatey reward.

Duration: 30 mins. Sessions will be at 11am and 1pm. Each session is suitable for all ages.

Don’t forget to bring your own baskets/bags to collect your treasure. Please note, the chocolate coins contain dairy.

Booking is advised due to limited tickets. 

Treasure Hunt participants are welcome to stay on board the ship after the hunt has finished. General tours of The Golden Hinde will be on offer throughout the day and are also included in the ticket price.

CitySpace Tower Bridge

Tale Tonic Exhibition at The Africa Centre

London, UK – March 14, 2024 — AWAN festival is proud to present the Tale Tonic” exhibition, showcasing the paradoxical works of contemporary Egyptian artists Marianne Fahmy, based in Alexandria, Egypt and Nada Elkalaawy, based in London, UK. The exhibition is curated by Hanya Elghamry, an Egyptian artist and curator.

It is open to the public from March 14 to March 30, at the Africa Centre, London, as part of the AWAN (Arab Women Art Now) Festival, celebrating its 10th edition this year.

CitySpace Tower Bridge

Nothing Ever Just Disappears – A Talk by Dr Diarmuid Hester

Imagine a world where nothing ever just disappears. Where stories and identities are preserved, celebrated, and shared for generations to come. Join Southwark Cathedral for an extraordinary evening as we welcome the renowned Dr Diarmuid Hester to deliver a captivating talk titled “Nothing Ever Just Disappears.” Through his thrilling exploration of queer identity and creativity, Dr Hester will take us on a journey through time, unveiling the hidden stories of seven remarkable lives and the spaces that shaped them.

CitySpace Tower Bridge

Society of Wood Engravers Annual Exhibition

The Society of Wood Engravers exists to promote wood engraving, but also embraces all forms of relief printing, which makes this show a fascinating and affordable collection of images inspired by a wide range of subjects. The centuries-old art of wood engraving is an exquisitely detailed form of relief printmaking typically known for its small scale and fine line work.

CitySpace Tower Bridge

Rutgers Conservatory at The Globe

Celebrate the talents of the next generation of actors with our unique collaboration between Shakespeare’s Globe and the Mason Gross School of the Arts at Rutgers University, New Jersey. Rutgers Acting students will stage their workshop performance of Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing in the Globe Theatre.

This workshop performance is open to all and gives audiences a great opportunity to experience the Globe Theatre and celebrate new artists.

This remarkable group of BFA actors have been training at the Globe for six months of their third year. Join us we celebrate the end of their training in London in true Shakespearean style.

CitySpace Tower Bridge

London’s Housing Crisis – A Day of Talks

Join us for a day of insightful discussions and thought-provoking talks about London’s housing crisis. This event aims to shed light on the challenges faced by Londoners in finding affordable and suitable housing.

Throughout the day, experts from various fields will share their knowledge and experiences, exploring the causes and potential solutions to the housing crisis.

Whether you are a concerned citizen, a housing professional, or simply interested in the topic, this event offers a unique opportunity to deepen your understanding of London’s housing challenges and collaborate on finding innovative solutions.

CitySpace Tower Bridge

Mother’s Day – All Tickets Half Price at The Golden Hinde

To celebrate Mother’s Day, The Golden Hinde is offering half-price tickets to come on board!  

The full-scale reconstruction of the famous Elizabethan galleon, captained by Sir Francis Drake, is located just around the corner from Southwark Cathedral and Borough Market. During your visit, the ship’s “crew” will tell the fascinating story of the first English circumnavigation of the world and what it was like to live and sail aboard a 16th century ship. 

Join one of our female pirate talks and be guided throughout the ship learning about legendary female pirates. Female Pirate tours will take place at 11am and 2pm and are included in admission price.   

Visitors can either book tickets via The Golden Hinde’s website or just turn up on the day!  Please check the website for opening times.


Adult: £3

Child: £3

Family of 4: £9

Under 3 years old: Free

CitySpace Tower Bridge

Female Pirate Tours at The Golden Hinde

To celebrate International Women’s History Month, we are focusing our weekend tours on women pirates. Historically, women were not allowed to remain on ships once they had set sail as it was thought to bring bad luck but some were not deterred by this.  

Come and find out more about these fearless women:

Once the tour is finished you are welcome to stay aboard and explore the ship.

Tours are included in the admission price and will last 45 minutes.

Tours are suitable for all ages.

CitySpace Tower Bridge

Half-Term Guided Tours at The Golden Hinde

Come aboard The Golden Hinde this half term and discover what life was like for a Tudor sailor.

After the tour you can stay aboard to explore the ship. 

Run time: 45 mins

Tours are included in the admission price and suitable for all ages.

Adult/Child: £6

Family of 4: £18

Under 3 years old: Free

CitySpace Tower Bridge

Barber Surgeon Tour at The Golden Hinde

On 28th January 1596 Sir Francis Drake died of dysentery off the coast of Panama.

Join the Barber Surgeon tour on 28th January at 11am to learn about the life and death of Sir Francis Drake, Tudor medicine and diseases.  

The tour will last 45 minutes and is suitable for all ages. 

The Barber Surgeon tour is part of the Pay What You Want event at The Golden Hinde. People taking part in the tour are invited to “Pay What You Want” as they exit the ship.

Booking is not essential.

CitySpace Tower Bridge

Test event

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CitySpace Tower Bridge

Bella Gaffney Live at The Golden Hinde

Join us aboard The Golden Hinde, the iconic ship docked at London’s Borough Market for a unique night of folk music.

2016 Celtic Connections Danny Kyle Award winner Bella Gaffney writes folk inspired songs which she performs along with her own original arrangements of traditional pieces. 2023 saw the release of Bella’s new album ‘Reflections’ which is inspired by connections made over the lockdown period. Bella is also part of sought after folk band The Magpies (‘effervescent’ The Sunday Times).

…an absolutely impressive album. Hit repeat and get lost in this one.’ – Fatea

Great singer, great guitarist, really interesting songwriter‘ – Mike Harding

Doors open 7pm. Tickets in advance £10 / at the door £12

CitySpace Tower Bridge

“Pay What You Want” at The Golden Hinde

From 8th to 31st January, all general visitors to The Golden Hinde are being invited to “Pay What You Want”.

Come aboard and explore The Golden Hinde. Discover the history behind the famous circumnavigation and pay what you feel your experience was worth as you leave.

‘Pay What You Want’ tickets can be booked online, or you can visit the ship without a ticket.

Please note, the ship is sometimes closed for private events. Please check the ‘visit us’ page for up to date opening times.

CitySpace Tower Bridge

Frost Fair

The Frost Fair is returning for its second year. Join us from 26-28 January on Sumner Street, as we celebrate one of the most extraordinary events in London’s history. From circa 1605 to 1814, the surface of the River Thames froze over 24 times, bringing all trade on the water to a standstill. So the people of Bankside took to the ice, creating ‘Frost Fairs’, with a sensational cornucopia of markets, amusement, food, drink, games, pubs, shops, entertainment and general revelry!

CitySpace Tower Bridge

A Visit To The Oracle at Borough Yards

Visitors are invited on an enchanted journey to the Oracle with award winning artist Alice Instone. A Visit to The Oracle expresses a belief in art’s power to console and regenerate.  The interactive artworks celebrate our desire for hands-on, tactile, real experiences and feed our appetite for illusion, ritual, mystery, magic and connection. The works transport you to a place where you feel secure, offering the comfort and reassurance our forebears sought through art and stories when the future seemed alarming.

CitySpace Tower Bridge

Winter Warmer 2023

Volunteering and environmental charity Bankside Open Spaces Trust invites you to historic Red Cross Garden for a fabulous free festive event featuring for wreathmaking, mulled wine and merriment.

The BOST Winter Warmer is all about getting together and bringing a little light and warmth to the winter chill. Held around the birthday of Octavia Hill, social reformer, who founded the garden in 1886, it is both a celebration of the garden and of all those who visit and enjoy the space throughout the year. The garden is lit and a live jazz band provides the entertainment while you craft a Christmas wreath to adorn your door.

CitySpace Tower Bridge

Festive Card Making Workshop

Unlock your creativity at The Bridge’s free card-making workshop!

Come and join for a fun and festive afternoon at The Bridge, and make your own card for a loved one. Let your imagination run wild as you explore a vibrant palette of hues, textures, and designs. From dazzling glitter to charming watercolours, we have everything you need to bring your artistic dreams to life.

CitySpace Tower Bridge

Borough Market Evening of Cheese

Borough Market’s annual Evening of Cheese is back on 13th December from 6 – 9pm. Get ready for a cheese-themed shopping extravaganza led by our community of cheesemongers. Enjoy tastings, seek expert advice and put together a festive cheeseboard featuring the highest quality cheeses from Britain, Ireland, France, Italy, Spain, Switzerland and the Netherlands. Some of the market’s drinks traders will also be on hand to keep shoppers refreshed.

CitySpace Tower Bridge

Hansel and Gretel

A beautifully epic new version of The Brothers Grimm’s fairy tale, Hansel and Gretel, by Poet Laureate Simon Armitage, transforms the Globe Theatre this winter.

Filled with music, magic, songs and a sprinkling of hope, the stage premiere of this new production of Simon Armitage’s poem, directed by Nick Bagnall (Love’s Labour’s Lost, The Two Gentlemen of Verona, Globe), is the perfect treat for everyone aged 5+.

CitySpace Tower Bridge

Tudor Christmas Trail

Discover Tudor Christmas traditions aboard The Golden Hinde. Throughout December take part in their Tudor Christmas trail. Learn all about the modern Christmas celebrations that originated during the 16th century and experience the holidays like an Elizabethan. Perfect for all ages, the Tudor trail is included in the admission price.

Please note the ship may be closed early for private events, please check the website for up to date opening times. The ship will be closed on 25th and 26th December. 

CitySpace Tower Bridge

I, Malvolio

World renowned artist Tim Crouch makes his Globe debut in the candlelit Sam Wanamaker Playhouse this winter, with his acclaimed solo show I, Malvolio.

A hilarious and often unsettling rant from an actor adrift in front of an audience, I, Malvolio re-imagines Twelfth Night from the point of view of its most notoriously abused steward. I, Malvolio premiered at the Brighton Festival in 2010 and has since toured throughout the world.

CitySpace Tower Bridge


For the first time ever in the candlelit Sam Wanamaker Playhouse, experience the work of Henrik Ibsen, one of the most influential dramatists of all time, with his scandalous Ghosts, a searing exploration of family secrets and forbidden desire.

Nearly 150 years after causing a furore when it premiered with its depiction of incest, infection and euthanasia, Director Joe Hill-Gibbins (The Marriage of Figaro, ENO; The Tragedy of King Richard The Second, Almeida), in his Globe debut, brings a new version of the first modern tragedy to the Sam Wanamaker Playhouse.

CitySpace Tower Bridge

Xuefei Yang: By Candlelight

Experience the Sam Wanamaker Playhouse filled with the warm sounds of guitar music, as Xuefei Yang draws together an evening of winter songs.

Following performances at the Southbank Centre, Royal Albert Hall, Carnegie Hall and Lincoln Center, New York, Xuefei will perform a one-off, intimate concert in our candlelit playhouse to celebrate the winter season, reflect on the past and look to the future.

With a programme drawn from Ancient China, through Europe to Latin American and modern day composers, Xuefei will guide us on a journey to discover how music brings hope and joy, even in the coldest and darkest of seasons.

CitySpace Tower Bridge

Women-led winter wine tasting + vegan food pairing

Discover and celebrate exceptional wines, and the talented women behind them, all while enjoying delectable vegan food pairings at The Bridge’s women-led wine tasting evening! Taste a selection of sparkling, red, white, and fortified wines and hear their stories from passionate hosts Kat Brown (Atlas Fine Wines) and Renée Mallon (Community Wine). All profits support The Bridge’s charitable projects, providing space for women to explore and improve their physical and mental wellbeing.

CitySpace Tower Bridge


In the unpredictable terror of a bad trip, where there are dark rooms and writhing bodies. There, the silence disturbs you and the noise takes you to the edge of delirium.

Join our special Halloween edition! On October 21st we will return to Omeara with our second “DARK” edition, to search for the rubble that was left behind.

A dark atmosphere will invade this night, and for this, we decided to bring the best of two worlds: the underground and the mainstream.

High temperatures, simultaneous events and intense bass will shake our 3 ROOMS with lots of BAILE FUNK and more.

CitySpace Tower Bridge

URBAN STEW – Architecture & Upheaval Through Bankside

In this walk, The London Ambler, explores freedom and chaos, architecture and reform, through the streets and spaces of one of London’s most eclectic and intense urban districts.

An ONstreet walk by The London Ambler – Mike Althorpe.

This walk departs from Robinson Road, at the junction of Blackfrairs Road and Southwark Street.

CitySpace Tower Bridge


Join us for a spooktacular night of thrills and chills at our Halloween Haunted Theatre Party at OMEARA!

On October 28th, prepare for an unforgettable evening filled with eerie entertainment, bone-chilling surprises, and ghoulish delights.

Dare to enter our haunted theatre and be immersed in a world of ghosts, goblins, and gory glamour.

Grab your tickets now for a frightfully fun time!

DJ Line Up TBA

Photo ID required for entry

CitySpace Tower Bridge

Brunch at Sea Containers

All great weekend stories start with brunch so head to Sea Containers Restaurant for a feast to remember!

This October, Sea Containers dishing up a delicious brunch offer where you can enjoy all your favourite brunch dishes such as our Roast Beef Bagel, Mac & Cheese, and Crab Toast (to name a few!), washed down with bottomless bubbles for just £19 extra.

Available every Saturday and Sunday, from 12pm to 3.30pm throughout October.

CitySpace Tower Bridge

12th Knot Mischief and Mayhem Halloween party

A night of magic and mischief awaits on our Spooktacular 12th Knot rooftop playground, as we will be throwing one hell of a party this Halloween.

With tantalising Halloween cocktails, unadulterated musical mischief from DJ Andy Purnell and Just Yas and and the stylish atmosphere that 12th Knot does best, guests are advised to leave their inhibitions at the door, put on their sleekest Halloween attire and join us for a night like no other.

There will be a £100 bar tab up for grabs for the best-dressed guest on the night – all you need to do is tag 12th Knot in your pics for a chance to win!

CitySpace Tower Bridge

Museum of the Moon

Marvel at the Moon as it lands at Southwark Cathedral this October.

Following the success of Gaia in Southwark Cathedral’s nave last autumn, artist Luke Jerram returns to Southwark this October with his incredible Museum of the Moon artwork. Measuring seven metres in diameter, the replica of the moon features high resolution NASA imagery of the lunar surface. At an approximate scale of 1:500,000, each centimetre of the internally lit spherical sculpture represents 5km of the moon’s surface.

This awe-inspiring large-scale display features minute detail of the lunar surface using NASA imagery, and a surround sound composition by BAFTA-winning composer Dan Jones.

CitySpace Tower Bridge

Crosby & Hope

Crosby & Hope is a specialty coffee shop and artisan deli, tucked away on Bear Gardens, Bankside. Their offering is handmade in small batches with beautiful products from artisan suppliers and outstanding independent brands. Pop by for your morning coffee and wholesome overnight oats; drop in for a lunchtime focaccia oozing with melted taleggio and smoked speck, or catch up with a friend over an indulgent slice of homemade cake.

Eat in, take away, or even have them deliver – they offer breakfast and lunchtime catering to local businesses. Check out their delivery offering here


CitySpace Tower Bridge

Gory Stories Tour – October half-term

Prepare to be horrified as The Golden Hinde peel back the pages of history to reveal the darkest and most spine-chilling tales ever told. Join their expert storytellers, dressed in period attire, as they guide you through centuries of bloodshed and brutality. “Gory Stories” is for those who crave a chilling encounter with the past, it’s an experience like no other.

Gory Stories is a family-friendly tour that explores our gruesome past leaving you both fascinated and horrified.

CitySpace Tower Bridge

Joe McCorriston Live in Concert

Joe McCorriston is a writer and performer from Morecambe, now based in London, UK. A decorated musician, he celebrates a career spanning 4 LPs, 2 EPs, and over a decade of touring that has amassed more than 700 shows. Over the years, Joe has built a cult following playing a range of venues around the world across twenty different countries and three continents. Nonetheless, Joe is far from done. In fact, this is only just the beginning, and in 2023, Joe has a bagful of new songs ready to go.

On 9th November, Joe returns to play his first headline show in London since 2018 at The Golden Hinde.

With rugged independence and a familiar, yet original sound, Joe writes pop songs for punk kids, and exudes the energy of a four-piece band with his live show despite only being armed with an acoustic guitar and his voice. He returned to the stage in 2022 after taking a break from touring during the whole, well, *you know what* virus with a SOLD OUT show in Manchester, and now Joe is fit, ready, and raring to go with new songs and a bigger show in tow.

CitySpace Tower Bridge

Scurravagus Live

Scrurravagus is Rob Widdicombe on vocals and guitar, Chris Gardner on piano and organ, Nassima Amir on vocals and flute, Mick O’Connor on double bass and Josh Williams-Ward on drums and percussion. How to describe the music?

Folk? Not really, but there are elements in there.
Jazz? Not really, but there are elements in there.
Prog? Not really, but there are elements in there.
Pop? Not really, but there are elements in there.

Expect strong melodies and rousing choruses, insightful lyrics, and rich and inventive arrangements.

CitySpace Tower Bridge

Golden Hinde Comedy

Ahoy there, comedy lovers! Get ready for an unforgettable evening of laughter and merriment aboard the Elizabethan galleon at our Golden Hinde Comedy events. We’re kicking off our autumn season on Friday, 29th September 2023 at 8pm, and it’s going to be an absolute blast! Prepare to ROFL with our side-splitting headliner and an incredible supporting line-up. We’ve handpicked some of the funniest comedians to ensure a night filled with endless chuckles and hilarious memories.

CitySpace Tower Bridge

FUJI: A OPERA at Africa Centre

The Africa Centre in London will present FUJI: A Opera, a multi-dimensional exhibition which tells the story of the fuji music genre – one of the most important in Nigeria’s history and without whom the Afrobeats artists who top the charts today (such as Burna Boy and Wizkid) would not be selling out stadiums across the world.

FUJI: A Opera will include never seen before archive footage and artefacts, explore the belligerent past of fuji music, highlight its founding footprints, and celebrate its rich subculture from the early 1960s to the present day.

CitySpace Tower Bridge

Pirate Training Workshop aboard The Golden Hinde

Ready your weapons, load the cannons, and raise the anchor as you take part in a special training session with the ship’s master. Are you ready for the pirate’s life?

The Pirate Training session lasts 45 minutes. Participants are welcome to explore the ship and take part in other activities before or after the session.

Each child must be accompanied by an paying adult.

Great for children aged 5 – 10 years old.

Pirate Training sessions running at 11:00 & 13:00 


Join our pirate talks after your Pirate Training session.

 Pirate Training £10 per child.

Standard admission £6 per adult.

All tickets purchased for Pirate Training include Pirate Takeover activities.

Ticket Link:

CitySpace Tower Bridge

Summer Holiday Ship Tours at The Golden Hinde

Led by knowledgeable, enthusiastic guides, this immersive tour offers a glimpse into the life of a 16th-century sailor. Hear the incredible tale of the first ship to circumnavigate the globe for the Kingdom of England. Climb aboard and allow the echoes of the past to guide you on a voyage through time on this remarkable ship
that embodies the spirit of adventure and exploration.

Each tour is approximately 30 minutes and suitable for all ages. Tours are included with admission.
Adult £6
Child £6
Group of 4: £18

For specific tour times, visit website.
Ticket Link:

CitySpace Tower Bridge

Pirate Takeover at The Golden Hinde

This summer, from 7th – 13th August, step aboard The Golden Hinde for family fun and a piratical experience like no other.

It is time for our ultimate pirate take over event. Don your finest pirate attire, grab your eye patch and join us on this swash buckling adventure of discovery.

Meet our costumed historians as they unveil the history of pirates from around the world. Families can experience the life of a mariner onboard our 16th century ship or test your mettle by signing up to one of our “Pirate Training” sessions.

Included with standard admission:

-Uncover the real history of pirates from all around the world.

-Discover what life was really like on a 16th century ship.

-A voyage of discovery awaits.

Pirate Training sessions are an additional cost and are taking place at 11:00 and 13:00. Pirate Training workshop tickets include the Pirate Takeover talks. Get yourself shipshape and prepare to plunder. See website for further details.

Standard Admission for Pirate Takeover (no Pirate Training): £6 per person

Family Admission (4 people): £18

Ticket Link:


CitySpace Tower Bridge

Beer Pong at SAMA Bankside

SAMA Bankside is one of the newest places to play Beer Pong in London town and you can book one of their Beer Pong tables for just £35 which includes the table, balls, cups and of course a jug of Amstel beer or cider to fill the cups with. Rules to Beer Pong on their website so book now and show your friends who’s best when it comes to hitting those cups!

Tuesdays-Fridays open at 5pm until late.

Saturdays open at 1pm until 1.30am.

CitySpace Tower Bridge

Board Game Night at The Lord Clyde!

Monday 24th July, come to The Lord Clyde for a bit of board game fun! What better way to chill out on a Monday night then playing board games with friends whilst enjoying one of their crisp refreshing craft beers! Board games start at 5pm and finish at 10pm. You will need to book a table to be certain to get in a game or two! They also serve a brilliant array of delicious food and drink.

Advance booking for events at The Lord Clyde are free entry though some bookings require a deposit which you will be able to use as a tab to spend at the bar on the day of your visit.

CitySpace Tower Bridge

Soulful Sunday at SAMA Bankside

Soulful Sunday at SAMA Bankside – Come and enjoy some great music from Mi Soul DJs serving up a funky mix of Soul, Funk, Motown, House and R&B classics from 4pm to 10pm and entry is free all evening.

They have an awesome outside space with tables, chairs and fake grass, and you can find them up the cobbled slope on the corner of Southwark Street and Blackfriars Road, SE1 8BU.  This afternoon event is the best Sunday party in London and you can also book a table, or one of their cosy booths or sofa areas for larger groups. 

Add an optional Bottomless Brunch – 90 minutes between 4 to 6pm with a delicious choice of 6 mains, 4 pizzas and 3 desserts, along with 90mins of bottomless Prosecco or their Twisted Cosmo Punch (vodka, cranberry juice, elderflower, lemon juice, soda water). Menu details on the website. 

CitySpace Tower Bridge

Chef at work


Tonkotsu puts their heart and soul into making sure every bowl of ramen that leaves their kitchen arrives on your table ready to rock your world! Timing the addition of every ingredient to the second, their chefs create the perfectly balanced, rich stock flavours they pride themselves on. Their motto is “if you don’t make your own noodles then you’re just a soup shop!”

CitySpace Tower Bridge


Carrubo is the latest bar concept launched by TVG Hospitality, in London Bridge – aka the group behind London’s Flat Iron Square and Goods Way (at Kings Cross).

Carrubo is a laid-back bar next door inspired by the bayside bars that colour the coasts of the Mediterranean. The idea is to transport guests from bankside to bayside by bringing the same electric bustle and atmosphere to this corner of SE1. 

CitySpace Tower Bridge

The Libertine

Cosy little pub in SE1 serving local craft beers and authentic Neapolitan stone-baked pizza.

CitySpace Tower Bridge


Arabica was born out of a passion for the food of the Levant, choose from a menu inspired by the flavours from Jordan, Lebanon, Istanbul, Beirut, Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. Located in the heart of Borough Market, the restaurant can be found in a Victorian railway arch, characteristic of Bankside’s industrial heritage.

CitySpace Tower Bridge

Borough Market

Borough Market is one of London’s oldest markets, offering a vast array of British and international produce and street food. The Market consists of three main areas: Three Crown Square (larger producers and merchants), Green Market (small, specialist produce traders) and Borough Market Kitchen (street food traders). Find plenty of outdoor seating to enjoy takeaway street food, plus a variety of surrounding restaurants and bars.

CitySpace Tower Bridge

The Rake

Renowned beer bar tucked behind Borough Market, offering one of London’s largest selections of great beer in one of London’s smallest pubs. With indoor and outdoor seating and a frequently changing beer and premium spirit menu, The Rake is must visit for craft beer fans.

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The White Hart

White Hart Southwark is a super place to enjoy quality fresh food (make sure to stop by for a Sunday roast), great London and international beers and cask ales, as well as a wine list with nearly 30 bottles to choose from. in the heart of Bankside. Enjoy the outside covered seating area in warmer weather too.

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Terry’s Cafe

A family-run business, Terry’s Cafe offers plenty of traditional charm while serving the best locally sourced produce. Their ethos is to provide good, honest British food in an inviting setting. Enjoy home-cooked daily specials and a range of pastries, plus the nostalgic black and white photos depicting 1940s London life.

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Tapas Brindisa

Tapas Brindisa brings the true food, wine, and hospitality of Spain to Bankside’s table for all to enjoy. At this Brindisa site in Borough Market, it’s walk-ins only, simply turn up and grab a seat or join the queue virtually when you arrive. Enjoy the flavours of Spain as you choose small plates from a market menu of tapas, cheese and charcuterie.

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Union Viet Cafe

Union Viet is a family-run business offering tasty, fresh and aromatic Vietnamese food. Make sure to try out their Pho dishes where the broth base is patiently cooked overnight. Other classic dishes include: Pho Tai, Banh Khot, Bun Bo Hue and Bun Thit Nuong.

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The Royal Oak

A charming British boozer, untouched by the high rises that have sprung up around it, truly an untouched homage to a time when pubs were a place to go for a quiet pint after work, or to put the world to rights with friends. They like to keep it pretty simple, priding themselves on good beer and good food. You’ll find a home from home at Royal Oak Borough.

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The George Inn

The George Inn is famous as a coaching stopover during the 17th century and mentioned by Dickens in ‘Little Dorrit’, this pub is London’s only surviving galleried coaching inn and is owned by the National Trust. Great beer garden, real ales and traditional pub food menu.

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The Gentlemen Baristas

The Gentlemen Baristas is a roastery and coffee house serving exceptional well-mannered specialty coffee. Their Park Street site offers a range of fresh pastries and coffee to go, just around the corner from Borough Market.

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Tas Pide

Tas Pide is an Anatolian restaurant where the spotlight focusses on original Turkish street food. A popular choice for theatre goers as it is situated just next to Shakespeare’s Globe, you can also expect a variety of delicious mezzes, grills and casseroles.

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Mc & Sons

Mc & Sons is a traditional old Irish boozer set in the heart of Bankside. It’s a place for the community to socialise in a friendly authentic environment with great service, traditional Thai food, a fantastic beer selection as well as regular live music.

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Roasting Plant Coffee

Roasting Plant Coffee was set up by a bunch of coffee-lovers from NYC’s Lower East Side. Expect to find freshly roasted coffee brewed to order, with the choice of 8 single origins, the house blend or your own custom blend. Enjoy your coffee with brunch classics from their sourdough toast bar.

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The Gentlemen Baristas, Borough

The Gentlemen Baristas is a roastery and coffee house serving exceptional well-mannered specialty coffee. Borough offers all day brunch from Wednesdays to Sundays, outdoor seating and a secret sunny roof terrace.

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Giuseppe’s Ristorante & Pizzeria

Giuseppe’s Ristorante Italiano is one of Bankside’s oldest family run Italian restaurants. If you are looking for delicious Italian food prepared fresh with ingredients from Borough Market across the road, Giuseppe’s Place is the place to go. They offer a wide range of Mediterranean delights on both lunch and evening menus, all of which are prepared with the passion and heart associated with Italian home cooking. Get your breakfast or lunch to go from the Luncheonette takeaway.

Live music Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights.

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The Mudlark

The Mudlark gets its name from the 18th century practice of scavenging the muddy Thames riverside for treasures. For years this historic pub has been a favourite with the market traders of Borough Market, the oldest fruit and vegetable market in London. The Mudlark is the perfect spot to catch up with friends or grab after work drinks with colleagues in the historic backstreets of Bankside.

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The Real Greek Bankside

Situated right on the riverside, The Real Greek Bankside serves authentic Greek and Mediterranean dishes ideal for sharing with family and friends. The restaurant hosts live Greek music nights, check out the website for more details.

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LEON Bankside

Located just behind Tate Modern, LEON is the home of naturally fast food. Food that tastes good and does you good, makes you feel good after you eat it, is affordable and kind to the planet.

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LEON Borough

LEON is the home of naturally fast food. Food that tastes good and does you good, makes you feel good after you eat it, is affordable and kind to the planet.

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Friends of the Rose present: Readathon ft Shakespeare and Marlowe

Brush up your Shakespeare and Marlowe 

Here’s your chance to participate in six of their best plays, in the Friends of The Rose’s sixth readathon. Some celebrities will be there to read. You’ll realise from the timings that the readings will just be that. If you feel you want to love, live or die your part (whatever is required), however, then please do so. It’ll be your chance to act in the very same spot that Will and Kit did (and something to tell your grandchildren).

To sustain you through the day, there will be Tudor snacks, cake, tea and coffee available in the foyer on your way in.



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50% off Atis’ Opening Week

New to the neighbourhood, atis are celebrating their opening week at Borough Yards, with 50% off their bowls. The offer will be valid from the 15th-21st of May – 50% off bowl, 1 bowl per person per transaction. At atis Borough Yards only.

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The Golden Hinde 50th Anniversary – Shenanigans Cabaret Golden Anniversary Family Show

Come and join the 50th Celebrations on the decks of The Golden Hinde with Shenanigans Cabaret.

An afternoon of family friendly hula, magic, singing and contortion with Shenanigans cabaret, featuring first class performers from across the cabaret and performing arts industry and hosted by Foxi Blue.


Line up includes:

Hayley Woolley – contortionist

Ella the Great – comedy magician

Oopsie Hoops – hula hooper


Dress gold and join the celebrations

All ages welcome

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The Golden Hinde 50th Anniversary – Shenanigans Cabaret Golden Anniversary Night

A night of delectable debauchery with Shenanigans Cabaret and hosted by Foxi Blue to celebrate The Golden Hinde Galleon’s 50th Birthday.


Line up includes:

Hayley Woolley – contortionist

Ella the Great – drag king magician

Trash Valentine – boylesque

Athena Thrillme – burlesque

Mild Peril – draglesque

Frankie Heartless – extreme violinist


And hosted by Foxi Blue


Dress gold and enjoy the celebration with first class performers from across the cabaret and performing arts industry.



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The Golden Hinde presents Tiger Moth

Live in the belly of the beast! The Golden Hinde is going full on knees-up, dance, and shwing for one night only with the patchwork band of various assortments, TIGER MOTH.

Tiger Moth play a wild mix of World Gypsy Folk Punk, ranging from Balkan, Middle Eastern and Hispanic to Swing, often played at a dizzying speed: a lyrical, bass, horn and drum driven blast of brilliant madness.

Come and see the world’s first, only, and best proponents of Wiki-Core, as Tiger Moth explore in their words and music the lesser known corners of the World… and Wikipedia. When was the last time you experienced live music aboard a reconstruction of a 16th century ship? And not just any ship, Sir Francis Drake’s ship which circumnavigated the globe in 1577. With a great atmosphere and history, a chance to hear live music on the ship is not to be missed!

Great music and a sip of Anspach & Hobday craft brew or a bottled beer, the perfect way to end your work week and to kick off the weekend.

Doors and bar open at 19:00, music at 19:30.

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A deal fit for a king at The Gentlemen Baristas

Looking for a picnic fit for a King? Look no further! The Gentlemen Baristas have your lunches sorted. Get a fresh sandwich, cold drink and a slice of tasty chocolate & banana bread for just £9.95 from our London Bridge and Borough coffee houses. Your well-mannered neighbourhood baristas will be here for celebrations (and your caffeine needs) all Coronation weekend!

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Bunnies and Chicks at the Hilton Hotel this Easter Sunday

If you weren’t already planning on it, you might want to add the Hilton London Bankside to your Easter itinerary. Especially if you’re tired of just scrolling through cute animal TikToks and want to see the fluffy, feathered friends up close. On April 9 there will be a Pop-Up Bunny & Chick Petting Zoo taking place in the hotel lobby from 9am to 12pm. Guests will think they have fallen into a cute animal calendar as they meet and greet a host of bunnies and chicks, all under the watchful eye of five-star animal welfare company, Living Things. The Petting Zoo is free to attend for those staying at the hotel, brunching at Hilton London Bankside’s neighbourhood eatery, OXBO Bankside or dining at its Distillery Bar, The Distillery Bankside.

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The Golden Hinde Presents – Pirate Gold Easter Treasure Hunt

An easter chocolate hunt like no other aboard The Golden Hinde this Easter Sunday.

Explore all of the decks of the ship to find Golden Coins.

Sessions will be at 11:00 and 14:00.

Each session is for an hour and suitable for all ages. Bring your own baskets/bags to take home your loot.

Stay aboard after the treasure hunt and join the Pirate Takeover talks (Pirate Training will not run on this day).


*Golden Hinde facilities are not food allergen or gluten-free and Golden Hinde are not responsible for allergens. Customers with food allergies or other nutritional concerns are advised to notify the Golden Hinde management before booking tickets.

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Borough Market Easter Challenge for Kids (with chocolate prizes!)

The Big Borough Market Easter Egg Hunt, which runs from 4th – 8th April (11am – 3pm), gives children a chance to explore the Market, learn about Borough’s history and produce, and win a very tasty prize.

Head to The Borough Market Store to pick up a quiz sheet, or download a printable version. You’ll find the answers written on eight giant eggs that have been hidden around the Market (there’s a map on the quiz sheet to help you find them). Fill in the answers and return the sheet to the Store – the first 50 correct entries handed in each day win a chocolate treat from So Chocolicious.

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The Golden Hinde Presents – Sofar Sounds Secret Gig

Bankside’s Golden Hinde are partnering with the amazing Sofar Sounds on the 10th May to bring an immersive live music experience to the ship. Sofar Sounds specialise in secret live music. Expect three local and diverse artists and a whole lot of magic.  You won’t know who the artists are until they take to the mic. Enjoy amazing music in The Golden Hinde’s unique and historic space.

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Golden Hinde 50th Anniversary Celebration

On the 5th April 1973, The Golden Hinde was launched in a grand ceremony after years of building. To celebrate this momentous event 50 years ago, they have a fun-filled day planned.

During their anniversary year they are raising much-needed funds to carry out essential maintenance work of the ship. Find out how you can support them. 

11.30 – 13.00 demo 1 Tempus Fugitives sword fighting

13.15 – 14.00 Hog Eye Men singing

14.00 Ship owner Roddy Coleman gives an anniversary speech and cuts the cake

14.30 – 15.00 Hog Eye Men singing

15.00 – 16.30 demo 2 Tempus Fugitives sword fighting 

Tempus Fugitives are running fighting demonstrations

Tempus Fugitives focus on the study of the 16th century North Italian martial systems which were so popular in London during the Elizabethan period. These methods of combat originated in the 15th century, but were not codified until the second quarter of the 16th. 

The HogEye Men will be singing sea shanties

The HogEye Men have built an enviable reputation by singing Sea Shanties and Sea Songs at events all around London. They regularly appear at festivals throughout the country, singing songs in an authentic and entertaining manner. 

Crafting stations for children and adults will be set up in the hold of the ship from 10am – 4pm. They’re inviting you to create a 50th birthday card for The Golden Hinde ship and have fun designing your own pirate flag.

All activities are included in admission price. 

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Golden Hinde Pirate Gold Easter Treasure Hunt

An easter chocolate hunt like no other aboard The Golden Hinde this Easter Sunday.

Explore all of the decks of the ship to find Golden Coins.

Each session is for an hour and is suitable for all ages. Bring your own baskets/bags to take home your loot.

Stay aboard after the treasure hunt and join our Pirate Takeover talks (Pirate Training will not run on this day). 

*Our facilities are not food allergen or gluten-free and we are not responsible for allergens. Customers with food allergies or other nutritional concerns are advised to notify the management before booking tickets.

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Belu & artist Venessa Scott bring colour to Borough Yards

To highlight World Water Day and raise funds for WaterAid, Belu have teamed up with award winning Mancunian artist Venessa Scott, who will paint a large, colourful piece live in central London at Borough Yards. Venessa will paint from 20-22nd March and her work will be on display until 31st March.  Come along and see the artwork come together.


There will be a donation point alongside the painting for people to discover more and donate to WaterAid. The piece will be auctioned following World Water Day, with all monies going to WaterAid. The auction will take place online from Thursday 23rd March at and close on Friday 31st March.


There will also be a chance to win a ‘Mix It Good’ pack of 10 Belu mixers and tonics, all vegan and gluten free, including their Lively Lemonade and Fiery Ginger Beer.

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The Hunt at Union Theatre

A group of friends meet in a forest for a hunt. What they find excites and terrifies them. Secrets are learnt, the value of life is questioned, and the hunt turns on its head.
A new work featuring graduates of the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama’s Acting for Collaborative and Devised Theatre course.

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Nul Points! A New Eurovision Comedy at Union Theatre

Union Theatre present a Eurovision comedy to get you in the mood for the big day.

Josh loves Eurovision.  He knows every insane figure and fact.  Ukraine entering a guy in a hamster wheel.  Norway winning with an Olympic skater.  The Russian grannies.  The Brotherhood of Man. And each May he hosts a Eurovision party – the highlight of his year. Join this hilarious rollercoaster of a journey over 5 Eurovision Parties – 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2022 as Josh bestows his guests with Bucks Fizz, Euro-V trivia and games of  Eurovision truth or dare. Will they Rise Like a Phoenix, get Ooh Aah, Just a Little Bit…or meet their Waterloo with NUL POINTS!?





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Betty Blue Eyes Musical at Union Theatre

It is 1947, war has ended but Britain’s long-suffering citizens are suffering under the burden of food rationing, high unemployment and the coldest winter for decades.

The only bright spark on the horizon is the impending marriage of Princess Elizabeth and Prince Philip. Enter Betty, an adorable pig who is being illegally reared to ensure local dignitaries of a small community in Yorkshire can celebrate the Royal Wedding with a lavish banquet whilst the local population make do with Spam.

‘Betty Blue Eyes’ is an utterly British musical, full of eccentric characters, such as odd couple Gilbert Chilvers – an humble chiropodist, and his wife Joyce, a nobody determined to be somebody; Inspector Wormold – an obsessive destroyer of illegal meat; Mother Dear – “She’s 74 and ravenous”; along with a weird assortment of bullies, spivs and snobs, and of course, Betty the pig.

‘Betty Blue Eyes’, directed by Sasha Regan, is the first in-house production at The Union Theatre since Covid.

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Union Comedy at Union Theatre

Union Comedy presents a night of Bankside belly laughs with MC Dustin Moore, Dan Coughtrey, Millie Haswell, Matt Pugsley and Jonas Jamarik.


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SPEAK UP! with Think Out Loud UK at Union Theatre

Think Out Loud bring their first live show to The Union.

‘Speak Up’ is a night of new writing from exciting new voices.

This show will be raising funds in support of Mind and the work they do to support mental health and wellbeing in London and the rest of the UK.

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Discover the Inspirational women of Bankside

The Hilton Bankside have created a fabulous map with local illustrator Rosie Brooks, inviting people to discover the some of the ‘Inspirational women of Bankside’. You can pick up copy from their concierge throughout the month of March, or you can download a copy here.

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Mother’s Day treat on Thames Clippers – 2 for 1 on small bottles of wine

Take your mum on a nice day out on the river on Thames Clippers and why not make it extra special with a glass of wine. On 18th and 19th March, enjoy 2 for 1 on 18.7cl bottles of wine at their onboard café bar.

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Celebrate Mother’s Day at The Southwark Tavern

Make this Mother’s Day celebration an extra special one with The Southwark Tavern’s delicious Sunday Roasts including their 21 day-aged sirloin of beef with a red wine jus, their succulent half roast chicken, or their wonderfully vegetarian nut roast. They’ve got treats for the whole family to enjoy (without any of the cleaning up).

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Celebrate Mother’s Day at The Anchor

Celebrate mum with a fabulous meal at The Anchor – Bankside! Whether you fancy tucking into pub classics like fish and chips or want to push the boat out with a three-course treat, spend time together and create lasting memories with mum. Fancy making a toast with a glass of something bubbly? Choose a treat for mum from  a fantastic range of fizz, cocktails and more!

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A Mother’s Day meal at Arthur Hoopers

Arthur Hoopers will be opening their doors this Mother’s Day to give you the opportunity to spoil the mother in your life.  Serving their delicious authentic Mediterranean menu, along with some of the best wines from across the globe and even better – their bar team have created a very special cocktail for a lovely after dinner tipple.

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Mother’s Day Hampers And More Borough Market

Whether you’re planning a home-cooked meal using the highest quality ingredients, an afternoon tea, or a wander around the Market, Borough offers plenty to treat the matriarch, mum or mother in your life this Mother’s Day (Sunday 19 March). If you can’t make it in person, Borough Market Online has pulled together an impressive range of Mother’s Day hampers and gifts – all sourced from their traders.

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International Women’s Day Masterclasses

To celebrate International Women’s Day, Borough Market will be hosting a series of online masterclasses sharing the knowledge and expertise of women in the Market and the wider food industry.

Featuring successful female business leaders and food writers, the masterclasses will showcase the diverse range of talented women involved with Borough Market, with panellists discussing how they got on to their career paths, their secrets to success and the challenges they have faced. They will also share their advice for aspiring entrepreneurs and discuss the importance of female leadership in the food industry.

Four masterclasses will take place on Zoom throughout the day. Register through the link below.

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‘Facts not Opinions’: Stretched to the Limit

Sneak inside one of London’s most unusual locations, after-hours, for a thrilling site-responsive experience.

This spring, Kirkaldy’s Testing Works – an historic, Grade II* former workshop and museum in the heart of Bankside – will open its doors for five exclusive, fun but slightly surreal pop-up performances over three days.

Set in the world’s first independent, commercial materials testing works, audiences will join in with a surprise extravaganza that’s been 200 years in the planning. Come and mingle with eccentric Victorian characters and test your mettle in an entertaining hour-long immersive drama.

What you will experience:

Celebrated Victorian engineer David Kirkaldy is having a surprise party – and you’re invited, but only if you come up to scratch! This immersive experience offers guests the opportunity to secretly join the celebrations. Once inside The Testing and Experimenting Works, challenge your strength and wiles against Kirkaldy’s scrutiny and the mighty million-pound Universal Testing machine… A proper Victorian knees-up lies in wait for those who pass the test.

Guests will weave their way through rooms in this unique and atmospheric former 19th century factory including Kirkaldy’s office, the factory workshop and the basement, all filled with music, soundscapes and the Scottish engineer’s original testing machines, including the 14.5m-long Universal Testing Machine he had designed, commissioned and patented in 1863.

‘Facts not Opinions’: Stretched to the limit has been created by theatre makers and performers Sammy Kissin and Al Barclay, as part of Blackfriars Stories commissioned by Southwark Council.

The show is inspired by the link between Blackfriars Bridge and Kirkaldy’s Testing Works and was originally conceived to mark the 200th anniversary of David Kirkaldy’s birth.

Sammy, who studied at LAMDA and Manchester University, said: “We really wanted to honour Kirkaldy’s world view that ‘Facts not Opinions’ matter. It is a celebration of the dynamism of the man, that idea of strength and how strength can be tested.”

Guildhall alumni Al added: “We have all been tested to destruction recently. We were interested in confronting this in a place designed to break the indestructible – and question, who are we?”

The present Blackfriars Bridge is the second bridge to bear that name; the first being deemed unsafe due to poor construction. The new bridge, built in 1869, employed the newly established Testing and Experimenting Works on Southwark Street to test its wrought iron framework and ensure its long-term viability.


Thursday and Friday – 7pm, 8.30pm; Saturday – 3pm, 7pm and 8.30pm

Educational Programme

A free educational programme for more than 100 local secondary school pupils will run alongside the performances.

Renowned illustrator, set designer and creative director Emma Rios will be delivering a series of arts and engineering workshops for children, plus guided tours of the museum. Visitors will be taken back in time to the industrial revolution when building specimens from all over the world were tested to destruction in Kirkaldy’s workshop.

Emma, who is known for her paper sculpting installations and illustrations, has worked with clients ranging from Tatler and the Wall Street Journal to the V&A and Historic Royal Palaces, Liberty, Harrods, as well as fashion brands including Myla and Saloni.

About Kirkaldy’s Testing and Experimenting Works

A museum has been running at the site since 1984 run entirely by a team of volunteers. It is one of the few places in the world where you can get up close and hands on with working, historic machines – and yes, break something!

Kirkaldy opened the world’s first purpose-built independent testing site at 99 Southwark Street, London in 1874. He pioneered a real change in thinking – that all components had to be tested to a pre-existing standard, and facts were more important than opinions. The famous inscription above the door reads ‘Facts not Opinions’.

Today Kirkaldy’s advances in science and engineering are celebrated by the Institution for Civil Engineers and the Engineering Hall of Fame.

For further information visit:

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