LDF Talk: Foldit – inventing a new type of font

LDF Talk: Foldit – inventing a new type of font

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Thursday 21 September - Thursday 21 September

Learn a basic intro of Color Font formats, and hear Sophia share her experiences working on Foldit, one of the first fonts in the newest COLRv1 format. It’s a color font, it’s a variable font, and it has gradients which are also variable. This is a project which made the creation of variable gradient fonts accessible to everyday designers.

In this talk you will find out what it was like to work on a new font format (the trenches). After a short break, it is then followed by a demo of the workflow for creating your own variable-gradient color font (the process we developed for you). Foldit is now available on Google Fonts.

This event is part of London Design Festival.

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