New Menu at Leon

New Menu at Leon

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Thursday 24 March - Friday 24 June

LEON new seasonal menu is sure to put a spring in our step and make us feel Sunny Inside. It’ll give us the tools we need to tend to our gut gardens and watch our microflora bloom.

LEON’s breakfast just got brighter.

They have the Smoked Salmon & Avocado pot which gives you high protein power in the form of two poached eggs, smashed avocado and sustainably sourced hot smoked salmon. Finished with a zingy squeeze of lemon and a crack of fresh black pepper.

They’re also introducing more sunshine in yoghurt form. The first of their new probiotic yoghurt pots is the anti-inflammatory pot. Turmeric Honey, Banana & Bee Pollen with their creamy live yoghurt. The second is the boosting pot. Fibre-boosting Summer Berry & Pomegranate with berry compote and live yoghurt.

Whatever the hour, we can now make it the Power Hour. To do this, all you need to do is sip on their prebiotic and probiotic Power Hour Smoothie. They’ve blended wholegrain oats with banana, cacao, live yoghurt, blueberries, blackberries and dates. Let’s power our bodies with gut goodness.

OH HEY All-Day, it looks like you’ve had a spring up-do.

They’re introducing three new salads to the menu. First up is The Burrata, Greens & Grains with creamy Italian burrata cheese, and a herby lime & jalapeño dressing. Served with a salad of red & white quinoa, green chickpeas, edamame and freshly steamed broccoli. Topped with pink kraut and toasted seeds. It doesn’t get burrata than this.

This season, our spring chicken just happens to be served bejewelled with pomegranate seeds and green chickpeas and coated in a warm harissa dressing. The Jewelled Harissa Chicken Salad is served on a bed of crunchy seasonal vegetables; red cabbage, green beans, sliced radish, carrot, chives. With our salad of grains, green chickpeas, pickled peppers and crunchy chilli chickpeas. It chicks every box.

Then we have The Hot-Smoked Salmon, Lime & Jalapeño Salad with a herby lime & jalapeño dressing. Served with crunchy seasonal vegetables; red cabbage, green beans, sliced radish, carrot, and chives. Topped with green chickpeas and pickled peppers. It’s salmon, spice and everything nice.

We’ve been back to the LEON past and thrown our Moroccan Meatballs far, far into the future. They’re now our Moroccan Me*tballs which, as before, are slowly simmered in our famous Moroccan-style tomato sauce. Served with all of your favourite toppings; fresh herbs, toasted seeds, and garlic aioli. We’re grabbing life by the meatless balls. We’ve worked really hard to match the original version of this much-loved LEON dish, and we challenge you to tell the difference.

We’re introducing……the Pink Peppercorn Ste*k Wrap. With all the flavours of a classic steak sandwich without the impact on our planet. Our vegan ‘steak’ is wrapped up in a fresh Khobez flatbread with slow-roasted onions and peppers, rocket, creamy pink peppercorn mayo and smoked garlic aioli. It’s a ste*k from the ground for plant-based eating.

Let’s March into Spring feeling Sunny Inside. x

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