One Night Records immersive live music events

Friday 22 October - Saturday 11 December

7.00pm - 12.00am


Wardens Grove, London SE1 0HT

Snake Oil’ is immersive live music – Rock’n’Roll, Funk, Blues, Soul and Jazz, all in one night. Total freedom to explore six iconic music styles across a huge maze of beautifully designed settings. Alongside the neons of Rock ‘n’ Roll, the languid luxury of the jazz club, or the dusty shack where a lone bluesman plays, enjoy themed food and drink at your own leisure.

Dress up. Cut loose. Come to where the music was born.

Further Info

A free-roaming, live music experience, where you can curate your own evening of great music in beautifully designed theatrical surroundings to match. Start times are between 7 and 7.45pm and from then you can explore the live music however you like. The bars shut at 11pm and the venue closes at midnight.

Note this is a contactless only venue!

One Night Records

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