Frost Fair Food & Drink

Frost Fairs were alive with a cornucopia of tastes and smells, feeding the many visitors that came to experience the ice. The frost was so hard that that traders had open fires on the thick ice cooking up roasted meats, soups and drinks.

Traditional items sold on the ice included blocks of gingerbread (often sold as souvenirs), roasted ox, mutton mince pies, Old Tom Gin, hot chocolate, tea, coffee, hot Purl (a mix of gin and wormwood wine) Mum (a spice infused beer) and mulled drinks.

Bankside has some of the best food and drink establishments in London, and many have worked with us to bring back to life the tastes and smells of the Frost Fair in a reimagined way. Discover below the special cocktails, pies, spiced drinks, gingerbread, mulled drinks and more throughout Bankside this winter.

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Frost Fair Food & Drink Offers

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