Frost Fair 2024

Celebrate Winter With A Weekend Of Revelry And Merriment

26-28 January, Sumner Street, Bankside, 11am-6pm

The Frost Fair is returning for its second year. Join us from 26-28 January on Sumner Street [map], as we celebrate one of the most extraordinary events in London’s history. From circa 1605 to 1814, the surface of the River Thames froze over 24 times, bringing all trade on the water to a standstill. So the people of Bankside took to the ice, creating ‘Frost Fairs’, with a sensational cornucopia of markets, amusement, food, drink, games, pubs, shops, entertainment and general revelry!

Inspired by the area’s rich heritage and lively characters, Bankside has reinvented the Frost Fair for the 21st century. Immerse yourself in traditional games, music and dance, artisan stalls, art and craft workshops, and even a life-sized elephant!

There will once again be Frost Fair themed food and drink and special activities across the wider Bankside area.

What’s On

Our re-imagined Frost Fair celebrates some of the traditional and not so traditional activities, food and drink of the time…

Frost Fair History

Discover more about the fascinating history of the Thames Frost Fairs which happened from 16th – 19th centuries.

Horse & Carriage rides

Take a unique and magical horse drawn carriage ride, driven by our magnificent Shire Horses.

Artisan Market

Shop small! Buy unique gifts directly from our independent producers and makers.

Elephant Parade

Relive the legend of an elephant of 1814. Follow our life-sized elephant puppet as it roams the streets of Bankside.

Dr Who Screenings

The Doctor and Bill Potts visit the last great frost fair in London 1814, but they soon find that something sinister is lurking below the frozen Thames.

Music and Entertainment

Enjoy seasonal winter classics from local choirs and schools.

Workshops (paid)

Enjoy embroidery classes, create an everlasting terracotta planter, or lino print your own tote bag.


Challenge family, friends and colleagues to a traditional game of skittles.


Join Mr Londoner for a tour to uncover the secret history of Bankside and the Frost Fair.

Frost Fair Fringe

Explore the wider Bankside area for Frost Fair themed food, drink and activities.


Marvel at amazing feats of strength and agility with a distinctly vintage feel.

Collaborative Art

Enjoy this unique opportunity for children and adults alike to work together and create something beautiful.

Community Day

Join our Frost Fair Fika or marvel at our elephant lantern parade on this special community day.

Frost Fair Folk

From bargemen to shopkeepers, accountants to animal handlers, the Frost Fair brought everyone to the ice. Look out encounters from our Frost Fair Folk throughout the weekend.

Frost Fair Fund

In the spirit of Frost Fair community, we are raising money for an important local charity – The Manna Society, a day centre for homeless people.

Ice sculpture

Look out for the ‘elephant in the room’, our elephant ice sculpture which is there to remind us of the importance of helping others especially at the coldest time of year.

Plan your day

Want an overview of all the activities taking place at our Frost Fair weekend? Take a look at our full schedule and plan your day with ease! Don’t forget, many Bankside businesses are offering special discounts too as part of our Frost Fair Fringe.

Download the Frost Fair 2024 timetable

Bankside Frost Fair Fund

The Frost Fair was historically a time to celebrate community and so we are partnering with local charity the Manna Society, which runs a day centre for homeless people, offering warm food and a warm welcome, as well as housing and welfare advice.

January is a particularly hard time for those in need. Just a small donation can ensure this local charity continues to provide a vital service in an extremely challenging time.

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