Graffio Arts


Hear me thaw! (Augmented Reality)

Location: Thames riverside path

Artist: Graffio Arts
Country of origin: UK
Mediums of choice: New technology, new ideas, new kinds of art and communicating ideas
Style: Form follows function
Personal inspiration: We always admired multi-faceted projects like an album. There’s the music and
then there’s the cover design and the lyrics. Back in the day, you’d listen to the music and open up the
sleeve and the artwork, music and lyrics would all merge together- 2 or 3 senses all at play.
Artistic inspiration: Everything Bauhaus / Modernism
Frost Fair inspiration: Taking the beautiful frost fair short film created by Julia Fullerton-Batten
as inspiration, we looked at bringing some of the elements of the film to life for people using
Augmented Reality. The fact that the Frost Fair even happened still feels completely bonkers –
to be brave enough to take an elephant onto the Thames is certainly something I wouldn’t fancy.
Follow: twitter: @institute_lab
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