Bankside Parks

Do you often find yourself eating lunch at your desk? Step outside the office and discover a greener, more tranquil Bankside. Boost your wellbeing and mood, de-stress, enjoy some fresh air and reconnect with nature. Uncover pockets of quiet around the neighbourhood to take a call, walk the dog, bring the kids to play or get in a workout.


Southwark Cathedral Churchyard and Herb Garden

Access through the Cathedral. Address: Southwark Cathedral, London Bridge, SE1 9DA

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Little Dorrit Park

Little Dorrit A small, sheltered green space and playground just off Borough High Street. Find plenty of benches and grass to relax on away from the bustle of the nearby busy main road. Access via Disney Place (SE1 1HJ) or Borough High Street (SE1 1NJ)

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Mint Street Park

One of the larger parks in Bankside, you can find Mint Street Park where Southwark Bridge Road meets Marshalsea Road. This is a fantastic green space with colourful gardens, grassy lawns, a playground, outdoor gym and stage. Mint Street Park is looked after by BOST (Bankside Open Spaces Trust) and the community. 14 Weller Street, SE1 1QU

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Gambia Street Gardens

Gambia Street Gardens: a pedestrian way and garden between Scoresby Street and Dolben Street. Find a couple of benches to rest your feet, surrounded by shrubbery, and take in new artwork, part of Beyond Boundaries by Blk Moody Boi which asks us to reflect on what it means to feel safe outside in public spaces. The work is also a nod to key community figure Marion Marples and her love of gardening. Access via Dolben Street or Scoresby Street, SE1 0XH

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Hatfields Green

On the Blackfriars side of Bankside, discover Hatfields Green. A shady and leafy park with ornamental planting, grassy mounds and benches to sit and relax. Hatfields, SE1 8DH

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Sumner Street behind Tate Modern

We all know the gardens around the front of Tate Modern on the riverside, but head around the back by Sumner Street to find a quieter stretch of lawn and benches. Pick up a takeaway coffee or bite to eat in nearby Canvey Street cafes and eateries and enjoy in the dappled sunlight. Sumner St, SE1 9JA

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Keppel Row Garden

Rather than walk the main road along Southwark Street, why not cut through Keppel Row… This little alley has been transformed into a tranquil space with planting, improved lighting and bespoke elements such as a permeable ground surface to alleviate flooding in heavy rain, Access via Southwark Bridge Road (SE1 0FB) or Great Guildford Street (SE1 0ES)

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All Hallows’ Churchyard and Community Garden

Just around the corner from Mint Street Park, you’ll find quieter and more secluded All Hallows’ Church and Community Garden. Built by George Gilbert Scott Junior in 1879-80 and bombed in WW2, there is little remaining of the church, except fragments of building including two stone archways pictured above. It’s now been restored as a walled garden with a grassy lawn, surrounding flower beds and benches. Copperfield Street, SE1 0EP

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Redcross Gardens

Redcross Gardens is a small park in Bankside that was designed by Octavia Hill (1838-1912), a social reformer and one of the three founders of The National Trust. The park has undergone an award winning restoration by by BOST, to highlight and recreate the original Victorian layout after it was lost under grass and tarmac. 50 Redcross Way, SE1 1HA

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