Bankside Trees

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Silver Birch Forest, Tate Lawn

Hold a trunk in either hand and you can turn the tide (so they say)

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Himalayan Cedar, Crossbones Graveyard

It’s like stroking an Afghan hound that’s just left the pooch salon

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Giant Plane, Audrey's Union Street

Share a fry up with this 80ft beast as it soars through the roof of Island Café

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The Loping Lilac, Redcross way & Avery House

Humble street corner bush with the scent of Parisian perfume in May/June

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Buddleia, railway brick crevices everywhere

Loves the lime and beckons the butterflies, a blossom from heaven

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Leaning Tree of Piazza, Borough Market

Another monster plane, now taller than Southwark Cathedral tower

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Ancient Olives of Parillan

Spanish supertrees, barely 3ft high, yet as old as the larder of London, 1000 years young

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