Misguided Tour Hard

This advanced map is tougher to navigate. You won’t quite need a PHD in urban orienteering, but you will need a keen eye and a canny hunch.


Flute-playing mermaid

slither down super skinny Cardinal Cap Alley to the secret garden

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Ewer Street Bomb Shelter

take some time to reflect on the 20 lives lost in 1940

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The Caped Ghost

outstare the no-eyed figure on Keppel Row

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Ferry Thone

sit on stone (beware piles & flint splinters) where wherryman once ferried folk across the Thames

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Museum of Painted Gum

kneel down on Millennium Bridge and marvel at 100+ microscopic masterpieces

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"Thirty Eight"

off Borough High Street, pause where Angel Place and St George’s Gardens kiss through a gate, & look up

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