Sneaky Shard views

For hiders, seekers & foxes


Flat Iron Square, facing GOOD AS GOLD graffiti

On Ayres St side of Union St, smile at the golden motto, pivot slight right and there she is

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Cathedral Cafe, Montague Close

When the Shard is feeling shy, she hides beside Southwark Cathedral

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Bankside Gallery, river exit

Get vertigo from Tate Modern Tower then get triple vertigo from the Shard, Western Europe’s tallest building

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Terry’s Cafe, Gt Suffolk Street

Line up a salt cellar with the Shard on the 50’s formica table while you wait for your bangers

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Borough Tube

Take the tube to Borough, spin 90 degrees northwards and prepare to faint

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The Sheaf After Dark

Enter this subterranean bar in daylight, leave when it’s dark, turn left and follow the bright light home (it’s right above London Bridge station, busiest in the capital)

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Lavington St, heading East, v early

Give your commute some awe & wow, walk towards the shard with the sunrise behind it and see what it does to your day

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