Timba Smits

The Villain

Location: Borough Market (off Bedale Street by Borough Market shop)

  • Artist: Timba Smits
  • Country of origin: Australia
    Mediums of choice: iPad + Procreate Drawing App, plus my trusty steed: iMac + Wacom Drawing Tablet, Photoshop, Illustrator and Premiere Pro
  • Style: Contemporary Graphic Pop Art
  • Personal inspiration: From 4 years old, I have always loved drawing and painting and never gave up. But it was my high school art teacher who gave me the confidence to pursue it as a career: shout-out, Mr Baron.
  • Artistic inspiration: It’s not who, but what. Mostly I’m inspired by things in and around me, from feelings, thoughts and places, my childhood, toys and games, to the movies and music I like. I try to look outside of art and away from other artists for inspiration. I believe that helps with the authenticity of the work.
  • Frost Fair inspiration: In my trademark bold and visually expressive way, deliver a message about disposable coffee cups’ dangerous and harmful impact on the environment. I was shocked to discover that they last for over 200 years, so we have incorporated that narrative, sending a cup all the way back to the Frost Fair of 1814, where coffee was super popular. If one had been dropped on the Thames, it would still be around today, muddy, but intact. That’s scary!

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