Frost Fair Art

The Frost Fair was globally renowned, with visitors from around the world coming to see the spectacle of the frozen River Thames. With this in mind, for our modern-day Frost Fair, we worked with artists from across the world to reinterpret the characters, stories and events in their own unique medium.  Discover the artists involved and their own Frost Fair imaginings and explore the trail throughout Bankside.

Mediums include illustration, street art, animation, augmented reality, artificial intelligence, digital, sculpture and projection. You can pick up a map from the Borough Market Store, or…

Download an AR enlivened Frost Fair Art Trail Map

How to use our AR app

Image above taken from Julia Fullerton-Batten’s film ‘Frost Fair 1814’ ©JuliaFullerton-Batten

To experience the augmented reality aspects of the Frost Fair art trail, download the Graffio AR App. Keep an eye out for posters and floor markets on the trail as they are AR activated too.


Instructions on using AR app


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